I need to stop. I know I need to. Stop looking at my problems, which are not so my like this, as if they were everything in my life. They aren't, they are just problems.

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Stop looking at my duties as if they were no longer for me. Stop making myself a victim. Stop feeling that way, like it was the seventh grade and was 11 years old again. Like I was in a different city again, living and adapting to different people again, knowing a different system again...

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But wait, I am. But I could not handle it like I was 11 years old. I can do better, and be more mature. Everything I wanted is in my hands. I can do it my way, but it seems that it doesn't exist because I don't follow any way. I'm tired of the boredom I put myself in, with so many amazing things to do. Tired of saying "tomorrow I'll do" or "next week I'll start" or "next month I'll conclude" or "just wait I get home". It doesn't matter, I never do, even with all the perfect opportunities in front of me.

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I want to know what happened to my willpower to live, to change my life. Where is it the excitement in being better, different? In changing the world, "now will work, I can feel it". Am I feeling any change unconsciously? Cause maybe, that is preventing me from making the changes that I crave consciously.