When I first saw you
I felt so weak
I couldn't speak, I couldn't breathe.
But there was something in the air
saying you will be my man
and that's when I realized
you will be mine.

In your eyes, there was something
saying you will be here,
but I didn't see one thing, my dear
back then I was totally into you
and the truth was the one I refused.

When I first saw you
you were not the one who saw me too
I was just a face in the crowd for you
but in the crowded places I couldn't see other faces
the only face I could've seen was yours
and that was the biggest mistake I made on my own.

Suddenly, the truth was in front of my eyes
yes, I will admit, I was blind all the time
I promised myself I won't make the same mistake again.
When you were gone, I was left all alone
and now I know how much I hurt myself
just because I thought I found my FIRST LOVE.

by me

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