Everyone wants to be happy.Happiness is this dream we all chase. But sometimes chasing happiness feels like chasing the horizon. The closer we think we get to it the farther it moves away.
So today I'm putting together this article for everyone out there struggling. And I just want to say that you are not alone. You are loved. You are beautiful. You are wanted. You are enough.
Don't let others ruin this for you.
What I'm about to write is based on experience, the things that I now know are the key to this legendary happiness.
But before I start I just want to tell you guys that happiness isn't a destination.
This might sound cheesy but its true. Once you're happy, as much as you want it too, it won't last forever. We are human, we have our ups and our downs and its okay to be sad sometimes.
But there will come a time where you will have to get back on your feet and continue your journey.

#1 Be You

Again, this might sound cheesy to you.
But this is the most important thing.
You don't have to be skinny like her to be liked.
You don't have to have abs like him to be wanted.
You don't have to be anything except yourself.
Pretending to be someone else is mentally draining.
You feel the need to laugh at the joke that you don't even find funny.
You feel the need to join the football team when you don't even like football.
To impress others.
To "fit" in.
Well, no.
Fitting in happens when you relate to others and others relate to you.
How will that happen when you are altering your personality?
It won't.
Never change for anyone else, if they really love you they will accept you the way you are...
And when you are surrounded by love, happiness will surround you too.
So next time you meet someone new, forget about trying to impress them and just show them the real you.
Do they like the real you? Perfect.
They don't? This shouldn't be a problem, it just means your personalities are different, so don't overthink it.
After this, watch happiness seep into you.

#2 Accept Yourself For Who You Are

Your curly hair? Gorgeous.
Your dark eyes? Stunning.
Your curves? Beautiful.
Your crooked teeth? Adorable.
Your dark skin? Amazing.


No matter what body type you have, no matter what the color of your eyes is, no matter what your skin tone is, you are beautiful.
You still don't believe me?
Get a mirror and stare into your eyes.
Look at your pictures, stare at your smile.
The way your eyes sparkle.
How your hair falls onto your shoulders so perfectly.
The way those jeans hugged your beautiful curves.
Fall in love with the things you call "flaws".
Accept them, embrace them.
Find the beauty in them.
Look at the beautiful patterns your stretch marks drew on your perfect body.
There is no such thing as "flawed".
Mother nature knew what she was doing when she created you.
You are a mixture of perfections.
Trust me.
I struggled so much with this before, I used to hate myself.
I loathed my eyes that didn't work properly (i have to wear glasses).
I hated my body.
I despised my too-white skin.
But you know what?
When the pain became unbearable, and I just wanted it to stop, I knew only I can get myself out of this.
And so I faced myself.
I stood in front of my mirror and took myself in.
This was a turning point in my life.
I discovered that no, I was not that bad.
I am me.
And I love that.
Next time you think "I hate myself" or "I look bad" think again.
You are perfect, you are just not aware of it yet.
Once you've accepted yourself, you will become more comfortable with yourself, and this will alter your point of view of the world.
Everything will be brighter, everything will be more beautiful, just like you.
And only then will you be happy...

#3 Speak Up

Something bothering you?
Say it.
Someone said something that disturbed you?
Stop them.
A person that only brings negativity into your life?
Shut them out.
And do it nicely, violence will only encourage them to do more horrible things.
Being nice is soo much more powerful than being powerful.
Being nice when you shouldn't crushes people who expect you to mess up.

Yes, it is not that simple.
It takes courage.
So muster your courage, and get out there.
You deserve to be listened to just like everyone else.
You deserve to be happy just like everyone else.
So, no don't bottle stuff up.
Speak up.
Express yourself.
When you bottle stuff up, all you do is hurt yourself.
Hurting makes happiness so hard to get.
So stop it.
Is he hurting you?
He doesn't deserve you...
Is she hurting you?
She doesn't deserve you either...
Put yourself in front of others.
No, I'm not telling you to be selfish, but you know what?
You deserve better.
Because people are temporary, whether we like it or not, and after all, at the end, all we have is ourselves.
Don't lose yourself because of others.

#4 No, You Don't Need a Special Someone to Be Happy.

You think that when you find the one you will finally be happy?
Maybe. But that type of happiness is temporary.
The true happiness comes from within.
How so?
As I mentioned previously:

Fall in love with yourself so that others fall in love with you.

Take that as your life motto.
Be you, fall in love with you, accept you, and love will come, and it will be the cherry on top of your sundae!

This article means a lot to me because it is based on personal experience.
It isn't easy to be happy, but its worth at least trying.
Please, if anyone of you, my lovely readers, thinks you are alone, you are not.
I am here.
Please don't hesitate, message me.
I am more than happy to listen to you and try to help, it will be my pleasure.
I know what its like to be depressed, to hate yourself, to drown in self-pity.
I understand.
And I am here for you.
Please do reach out if you are struggling, if not to me, to anyone you trust or anyone that might help.

And remember you are beautiful, inside out!

Stay strong.
Stay you.

Lots of love,

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