Oh hi again! Yeah, I know I already wrote so many articles about movies or shows but I'm a real junkie when it's about movies and shows so I couldn't resist to post one more article with this topic and motto "you can't watch 'too many' movies"

Bridge to Terabithia 10/10

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This is one of the most beautiful movies to ever exist. With a sad plottwist and a happy "move on"-lesson ending. I already watched this movie when I was a child and it was always in my mind so I re-watched it.

Gia 9/10

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Another beautiful and sad movie, with a true story which will splitt your heart into tiny pieces. It's about a beautiful model named Gia who had everything she wanted, a great career.. 'till she got addicted to drugs and her life suddenly changed the wrong way.

The Basketball Diaries 9/10

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I guess I'm obsessed with this kind of movies. Heartbreaking with a true drama-violently story. This movie also shows you how bad drugs are and what they do to the people who get addicted.

500 days of summer 7/10

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This movie is different from the other romantic movies. This movie is more realistic, it shows you that you can't always have this one person you want and that you have to move on and search for someone new, someone who loves you back.

Short terms 12 8/10

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Firstly I thought this is a romantic movie, but I guess the romance is just incidental to the drama. This movie is so sad omg, and their are scenes where I thought.. "Woah.." and I think that this kind of movies will always be in your mind.

Intouchables 10/10

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Omg I've watched this movie with my best friend and it's just so beautiful. I'm a sucker for such sad friendship movies. It shows you that you need a person in your life (no matter if lover oder best friend) who completes you. Lovely movie.

Runaway girl 8/10

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Woah this really is a great indie-movie with a great plot twist i'm still not over this movie. It shows you that it can be painful and hard to be self-employed and free with this young age and that you can't trust strangers.

Thanks for reading this.
I hope you found something to watch!