I love traveling! When I grow up I really want to travel as much as I can! I want to see the whole world and I want to live life to the fullest! This year I have some trips planned and hopefully were gone make more trips!


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The first trip were gone make is in April! My Dad,sister and I are going to Ibiza, Spain! I've been to Spain before but never to Ibiza so I'm really excited for it!

United Kingdom

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This summer my best friend and I are going to travel to England! We're going to be there for 2 weeks! I'm so excited! This is gone be the first trip I'm going to make without my parents! So it's gone be LIT! We are going to London and Oxford and we stay in Bournemouth! I only been to London but thats a long time ago!


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The last time I've been to this city was 2 years ago, and I absolutely loved it! I just love the city and the vibe, its amazing! I really want to go in the summer or fall, just for a long weekend that would be great!


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My family lives in Italy but I've only been to South-Italy when I was 3 so I can't remember anything! I really want to go to Milan, Rome or Capri!

There are a lot of other places I want to visit in 2018, but thats for another time!