Day 13 - This week

My mom was this week not at home. She was doing a challenge with her friend. They went with an old car through Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Austria. She came back today. I missed her this week, but I've done some nice things with my dad and sister.

School was this week really relaxing, because my testweek had ended the week before, We got a lot of grades back and I'm kinda happy with the results. No fail marks, but I still have to get back my math grade and I'm not really sure if that result will be good.

Thursday night I went to see the movie The Death Cure and oh my god that movie is so good! Btw love Dylan O'Brien so much!

KAYA SCODELARIO, the maze runner, and ki hong lee image

Friday I went to an Open Day of an university which was really interesting.

35mm, university, and analogue image
One of the university buildings looked like this

Saturday I had to work. After work I walked the dogwalk with my dad and sister and ofcourse our dog. The route went through the woods and was snowing, so I made a lot of photos.

road, winter, and wood image

I also had volleyball practice on Wednesday and a match on Saturday that we won.

volleyball, life, and game image

In short I think I liked this week, except from Monday I didn't really feel well that day. I was the whole day like 'ugh'.