There's a woman crying out tonight. Her world has changed,

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She asks God why.

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Her oldest son has died,

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And now her daughter cries, she can't sleep at night.

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Downtown, another day for all the suits and ties.

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Another war to fight, there's no regard for life.

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How do they sleep at night?

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How can we make things right?

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Just want to make this right.

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We believe.

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We believe.

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We believe.

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We believe.

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We believe.

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We believe.

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In this love.

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We are all the same.

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Human in all our ways and all of pain (So let it be)...

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There's a love that could fall down like rain (Let us see)...

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Let forgiveness wash away the pain (What we need)...

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And no one really knows what they are searching for (We believe)...

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This world is crying for so much more.

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We believe.

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We believe.

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We believe.

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We believe.

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We believe.

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We believe.

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In this love.

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"We Believe" - Good Charlotte