I'm in a state of mind where I'm totally lost. I don't who I am and I don't know who I want to be. I guess these are teenage problems but it's really hard to go through them. That's why I use WHI: because I can find people like me and I can see pictures and quotes in which I recognize myself. So I want to share with you some of these pictures that help me finding who I am and who I'd love to be. I hope some of you guys will find some ones that describe you too ♥

dance, drugs, and miss you image quotes, life, and book image stars, girl, and light image quotes, the beatles, and hey jude image quotes, details, and text image Effy, dance, and dancing image beautiful, boho, and hipster image high school, james franco, and quotes image heart, art, and drawing image quotes, neon, and light image girl, nature, and travel image david bowie, frases, and inspiration image quotes, travel, and world image tattoo, grunge, and jeans image

Enjoy and heart ♥

PS: I've recently watched the tv show Skam and it really hepled me finding solutions to some of my problems and realizing that I'm not alone. You can go and see my Skam collection: