So this is more personal. It´s more like a "what I love to wear" inspiration article. I just list from hat till feet clothes I like to wear. So you can take inspirations from and get to know my style.

1. Hat
So here I can´t really say something. I don´t wear hats that´s just not me. But when I have to wear one it would be this kind of hats.

beauty girl

2. Scarf
I love this big, warm and cozy scarfs

fashion acne

3. Necklace
I prefer gold, small and expensive looking ones

accessories accessories

4. Top
I like every kind of basic top. Fav clothes colour is black, white and grey haha. Off shoulder & cropped in sommer, snuggly & big in winter.

outfit clothes black clothes black black

5. Jacket
I think I like every kind of jacket. Denim, leather, parka, cardigan & coat

bag Balmain black Superthumb

6. Bracelet & Rings
Same as necklace. Anndd I have the same Cluse watch she is so beautiful and gold hehe

Superthumb accessories beauty diamond

7. Skirt
Mini skirts are so cute and feminine. I have the dark red tennis skirt from american apparel and some skater skirts. I really want a denim & pencil skirt but I don´t find the perfect one.

american apparel beauty aesthetic clothes

8. Shorts & hot pants
I like Shorts more, but some hot pants are kinda cute.

beauty beauty

9. Pants
I just wear tight pants. I still not into this mom jeans, ... thing. I mostly wear black jeans. I just find black good fitting jeans. And I love wearing belts with jeans, the outfit just looks 10 times better with it.

beauty black black fashion

10. Dress
Ah I love dresses. Maxi, mini, flattering, tight...
but I have to own more, I´m very picky haha.

dress beauty dress dress dress beauty

11. Jumpsuits
I really like jumpsuits. They are comfortable, you don´t have to worry about someone seeing your undies and you are dressed in one piece.

beauty dress Superthumb fashion

12. Shoes
I want overknees and some nice high heels, but I can´t walk in heels, sad life :(. But I love Adidas sneaker hehe.

bag adidas fashion black

13. Bag
I´m not that kind of girl who has 10 bags, I just have 2 ups haha.

adidas bag

If you want to see more clothes I like and what inspires me follow me or my fashion collection.


Lots of love M.