Hey guys ! So, you may know it, I'm French. And I'm pretty proud of it. So today I decided to show how France is beautiful. Let's go :)

The cities !

You all know Paris, Marseille, Nice... The big cities ! But we have a bunch of other and beautiful cities that you need to discover !
First : Saint-Malo !

autumn, boat, and bretagne image saint-malo, vacances, and coucher de soleil image

It's a beautiful city with the sea ! People know it because of the "Mont Saint-Michel " :

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I already travelled here, and it was amazing ! So I definitely suggest you to go in this city !

Next, Mers Les bains
It's my grandparent's city, so I come every year here and every time it's still amazing ! You have the see, and the amazing houses !

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I'm not going to add a lot of cities, but if you want an entire article about it, notice me ;) So to end, Annecy.
Annecy is the french Venise. It's a town with a lac inside :

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The French Culture !

First, we have A LOT OF MUSEUM ! Like, A LOT ! I think that every town has his own. And sometimes, each city is her own museum.

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Le Louvres, one of our greatest !

We have a lot of castles too ! You may know "Versailles" :

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It's a beautiful castel and the gardens are beautiful !

And all of our monuments ! La Tour Eiffel, L'Arc De Triomphe...

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The passion !

Like the Brazilian, foot ( soccer for the americans ) is really important for us ! We have a lot of team, and we support them ! I'm for PSG since I'm a kid, because all my family is for and I've always watched the match and all at the tv when I was young !

2016, euro, and football image
This is our team :p

And, as a PSG fan :

football, paris saint-germain, and psg image foot, footballeur, and psg image

Like I said, there are a lot of teams, here are the most famous :
Psg - Paris Saint-Germain -,
Om - Olympique de Marseille -,
ASM - Association Sportive de Monaco -,
Ol - Olympique Lyonnais -,
and OGC Nice - Olympique Gymnaste Club Nice -.