I mean, what the hell is wrong with this world? People often say something that they don't mean like 'you're a slut', i don't wanna speak to you again' and that stuff, it all happend to us at least once and we understand that, we forgive and we move on. That's it. But how forgive a person when they say 'i love you' followed by betrayal, lies and especially hooking up with the guy you like? Yea, this time it isn't about a guy and my patetic love life, not that i have one, but still...it is patetic. This story is about a girl i used to call my best friend let me wash my mouth after saying that dirty word BEST. The only thing i learned in life is that word best doesn't actually exist, best boyfriend pff, he cheats on you and then what, where does word best goes? I would say in the toilet where all the shit goes. Anyway, i'm not speaking to her at all, she hurt me and it is clear as day. It brought me to the situation where i started questioning myself , does good really exist, why am i always the one who gets hurt, what's wrong with this world? How can someone be so mean and selfish? I still don't have the answers and i don't think i ever will. Sometimes i catch myself dreaming that my life is perfect, not a single problem, huh, could you imagine that? Well, reality is totally different and we all know that. So.. it is up to us whether to accept it or not. If you don't accept it, you should stick your head in the clouds and maybe, but only maybe.. you will understand eventually that 'shitty' is acceptable