So I'm going to write down my favourite music here, my music taste has changed I think 4 months ago. I dont know what I did before listening to this music, because I love this. You can say alot about me, but my music taste is good.;)

- Artic monkeys:
- R U mine?
- Why'd you only call me when you're high?
- I wanna be yours
- Knee socks
- Fluorescent adolescent
- Stop the world I wanna get off with you
- 505

- Catfish and bottlemen:
- Kathleen
- Cocoon
- hourglass
- homesick
- 7
- business
- twice

- the neighbourhood:
- the beach
- r.i.p to my youth
- single
- daddy issues
- sweater weather
- afraid

These are my fave three bands and my fave songs, I really hope you guys find some new music. If you have a band like this or a song, you can send me a message ^^ Have a beautiful day

Xoxo Liv