If you need some spring mood i can help. This article will help. Here you will find style inspiration, food, outdoor, and travel stuff. So enjoy! (Sry for my bad english)

The contents

  • Get in the mood
  • Trends
  • shoes
  • Assecoires
  • Spring casual wear
  • Hair
  • Makeup
  • What doing in spring?

Get in the mood


No matter how long winter will take
Spring will always follow
A lovely reminder how beautiful change can truly be


  • Teeza - Berlin
  • Lauv - I like Me Better
  • Rae Morris - Push Me to my Limit
  • Craves - By my side



timberland, shoes, and boots image nike, purple, and tumblr image Abusive image fashion week, Proenza Schouler, and summer image fashion, dress, and haute couture image fashion, outfit, and style image
The Color lavendel was one of the most seen Color in runways.


fashion, outfit, and style image girl, fashion, and style image adidas, fashion, and style image gucci, fashion, and outfit image
Pullovers or T-shirts are pretty sure a thing in spring. The brighter the Color the better it is. If you wanna save some cash, T-shirts are always cheaper and compering them brings also a lot.

bright Colors

yellow, flowers, and style image clothes, fashion, and mode image fashion, outfit, and beautiful image yellow, aesthetic, and jeans image fashion, red, and style image Abusive image
Red, Yellow, Blue and Green it's spring embrase yourself blomm like a flower and show Color as much as you can. You can go full with Color, but personaly i would recemend a Statement Color pice like red or yellow with some bright jeans.

squares top?

fashion, style, and outfit image
I dont know how that muster is called and I couldnt find another pic but that made it for me more Special. I kinda seen it on runways or on ig pics and I adore it.

Mesh, lace and silk

fashion, style, and girl image fashion, girl, and style image fashion, style, and gucci image fashion, flowers, and style image fashion, girl, and style image fashion, style, and outfit image chanel, fashion, and lace image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, red, and outfit image
All These awesome meterials have one Thing in commen FLOWERS. Even the bras were white lace with is pretty dope.


Image by Fernanda Félix vans, shoes, and rose image aesthetics, fashion, and nike image beige, famous, and pink image
What you never can go wrong with are VANS. Those are the shoes of the season. If you dont like vans i would recommend the others.



Image by Psycho Angel necklace and flowers image fashion, style, and white image casio, watch, and gold image
Flower necklaces and dusty gold jewerly are pretty everything you need. Especaly the gold casio watch I've seen so many time.

Sunnys and bags

sunglasses, black, and summer image bag, bracelet, and chocolate image art, aesthetic, and yellow image
What do I have to say more? Some classic Ray-ban sunny's and a bright red bag/yello raywaken bag. Thats it!

Spring casual wear

fashion, style, and bike image Mature image Image removed girl, fashion, and style image black boots, boots, and girly image fashion, girl, and style image
A simple Tshirt or a blouse some classic shoes and to pep the Outfit out you can add a beige trenchcoat.


Image by Inês hair, hairstyle, and brown image flowers, hair, and braid image Image by I N G R I D
Best way to bring your hair out on spring is to hilight with a nice bayalage and a layered cut. Best way to bring those Highlights out is to curl them or braid them. If you're an extra Person you could add some flower to look more magical.


girl, beauty, and hair image girl, blonde, and beauty image megan fox and sexy image miranda kerr, model, and makeup image
There are two types of Makeup wearers one way is bold orange-red lips with bronzi face, the other is a healthy glow with light gloss or peachy lips.

What doing on spring?

art, girl, and aesthetic image flowers, daisy, and diy image girl, nature, and forest image flowers, nature, and mountains image art, aesthetic, and yellow image paris, city, and france image milan and italy image
What I always wanted to try out was painting, decorate your room with succelents and go do some outdoor stuff do enjoy the nice weather. Take a wander trip and picnic with your friends as often as you can. If you have the money and time make a city trip cause on spring they have the best weather.