Hello, bloomers! 🌻

Last time I asked you guys for 30 likes only and I got 100! Wow. Thank you all so much.

And, as promised, here's the second denim on denim outfit:

fashion, vans, and becca bloom image
Can we stop a minute to appreciate how beautiful this model is? I love her hair, her color, everything! She's beautiful.


First, let's start with the shirt. It's a Classic Ex-Boyfriend shirt and, in my opinion, it's the kind of item every girl - and guy - should have in their closet. Mainly because Spring is coming and denim on denim is always popular in this season.

fashion, shirt, and becca bloom image
It's a button down, and it seems pretty soft and comfortable on the model. It has two front pockets and the sleeves have button cuffs.

Second, there are the jeans. They have a nice light wash, and I often see people posting images after images of either white jeans or black jeans or dark denim jeans, but very rarely of light denim.

And, again, Spring is coming and it's the season to wear light clothes and clear, bright colors. So, getting jeans with light wash is a good investiment, as you'll be wearing it from Spring to Summer.

jeans, fashion, and mom jeans image
And probably during Fall and Winter too because these jeans look incredibly comfortable.

Third, the sneakers in neutral colors. At first, I didn't have much to say about them except that they were an automatic yes for me.

But then, after a few minutes I was like: "why do I like it so much?". And I realized that's because how soft it is. These sneakers are made of suede, and together with the other two items above it makes a deliciously comfortable outfit for the day.

sneakers, brown, and fashion image
They're in a monocromatic palette of the colors tan and camel.


I hope you guys liked this outfit. I'm accepting sugestions on my Tumblr (the ask and chat are both enabled, @beccabloom) of the next theme for the next outfit. You can also send them to my Instagram (@beccabloomus).

See you guys later! Xoxo, 😘✌🏻!