Welcome lovelies to day 5 of my writing challenge. Today's topic is 6 ways to win my heart. I'm not really in want or need for a boyfriend/girlfriend but with Valentines Day rapidly approaching I thought this was appropriate.

1). Don't be an -ist or -ic.

What I mean by this is don't be racist, homophobic, sexist, Islamophobic, etc. I'm a woc(woman of color) so you bet your ass I'm not about to get with a racist, sexist pig. How hard is it to understand that even if people are different they're still human beings that deserve rights?

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Do NOT come in my dms saying 'All Lives Matters' when you're only talking about white america.

2). Chill out

Okay, so I'm a very introverted person. I prefer my own company and if we were dating you would have to respect that. We don't have to go out every time we hang out, we could just stay at home and watch some good movies. We could bake, cuddle, have an at-home karaoke event, or just sleep together.

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this makes me want a relationship...why are the people in my town pure shit.

3). Understand me

I've never said this on here, but I have a speech disorder. I stutter all the time and it's pretty hard to do normal things. The worst part is that I can't say my name, ever. I stutter on my B's and D's and my name has B's and D's. So, my boyfriend/girlfriend would have to get that I can't introduce myself, I can't order anything, and would need their help with this. I really hate having to be dependent but in this case I kind of have to be. My stuttering will never go away, it will always be apart of me.

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this is a mood and what I go through.

4). Take a joke buddy but call my out if they're really bad

I have a pretty dark, possibly sadistic humor. I was that dumb bitch making those "Welcome to your tape" jokes...I am really sorry. I would never joke about things like rape but I did indirectly joke about suicide which makes me pretty shitty. I do say things like "I'm about to drown myself in bleach" or "I'm going to shoot you then this entire class". The last one is an hyperbole, I've never said that but it's close enough. The point is I make dark-ish jokes but if they're super offensive please tell me to shut the fuck up.

5). Love me(mes)

Boy, do I love myself some memes. I'm sorry(eh) but if I send you a meme and you tell me their stupid, I'm throwing the whole relationship out. Memes are probably my favorite thing ever to send someone and if you hate them, you obviously don't love me.

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6). so i was sitting there barbecue sauce on my titties

If you understood the title, you cool, and if you didn't, you need the almighty man upstairs. Let me fill you in on the world of VINES. Here's the truth, I don't have a personality I just quote vines. If my (wo)mans doesn't quote vines with me, I don't know what I'm going to do.

watch videos like this for a good time with ya boo

In case you were wondering, I put (wo)mans because I'm bisexual. I also put richonne as the cover image as I love them more than life.

Thank you for reading and if you ever have questions or want to talk just message me, I'm nice I swear

Yours truly