Happy birthday to me!
Yes, today i reachd another milestone in my life and i'm officially 24 years young. To celebrate this day i decided to make a list of 24 things i’m grateful for:
1. Gilmore Girls streams on Netflix (and the much anticipated revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is on the way!).
2. My parents—because no matter how old you are, they can still solve any problem.
3. Fireplaces.
4. The time you get to spend re-reading my favorite book.
5. Pumpkin bread and all of the fall flavors.
6. Sunday afternoons, with coffee and a good book.
7. Big piles of leaves that you’re never too old to jump in.
8. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.
9. Wine. Wine. Wine.
10. The best friend you can call after months apart, and pick up right where you left off.
11. Pillows.
12. Planes, trains, and automobiles—because they bring you to family or bring family to you for the holiday.
13. Pints of ice cream.
14. Every good book you’ve read that has helped you escape for a few hours.
15. Puppies!
16. Correct grammar.
17. Color-coordinated office supplies.
18. The healing power of music.
19. Freshly cut flowers.
20. Headphones on the subway.
21. Vacation days.
22. Fall leaves changing colors.
23. Movies you can watch again and again.
24. Thick albums full of photos.