If you know me, you know I absolutely hate makeup. It’s not because I hate the idea of wearing it or think people shouldn’t wear makeup, it’s because I can’t put on makeup. Not even a simple concealer. I end up ruining everything and look worse than before. So, I’ve accepted the fact that I can’t wear makeup properly therefore I’ve adapted and found ways to enhance my features without makeup and keep my skin clear. So, I'm going to be sharing my tips and tricks to look bomb without makeup.


First things first, being kind and confident instantly makes you attractive so you don’t have to rely on makeup and so on to help you feel beautiful. I'm still working on my confidence because my insecurities are clouding my thoughts every second but just be confident in yourself and in how you look. Don’t let others opinion change the real you. Kindness is something you already have or can adapt, being kind without wanting anything just makes you a better person in life and you don’t have to try so hard in life.

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Use a lip scrub to get rid of the dead layer and make it more soft and rosy. You can make your own with brown sugar and coconut oil which I do a lot however I had recently purchased Lush’s Bubblegum lip scrub and its done wonders to my lips. Do a lip scrub at least every night and apply lip balm before sleeping.

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Tinted lip balms give a nice red tint which makes your lips look naturally red, at the same time it moisturises your lips. Make sure to purchase one with sun protection as your lips need sunscreen too.

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My eyes have dark circles under them and make me look like a zombie, but this DIY eye patch had helped my eyes so much and I'm going to be sharing it with you guys. So, take a cup of lukewarm green tea, quarter of a cucumber and lemon juice and bled it altogether. Then pour the mixture into a bowl and soak a couple of cotton pads into it and remove the excess mixture from the cotton pads. Store the cotton pads into a plastic bag and into the fridge and can use it whenever your eyes look puffy and have dark circles.

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I'm one of those people who can’t leave the house without making my hair look decent as I feel so self-conscious if my hair looks bad. And my hair is naturally curly, so it gets frizzy, a tip I have is to braid it before sleeping and it give you heatless waves that look put together. Take good care of your hair by doing hair masks and not using heat and other bad chemicals. If you guys have any tips for curly hair and how to maintain do please do message me.

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This is how i braid my hair at night


Coconut oil is a versatile product as it helps with a lot of things. It helps your hair look more shiny and soft, helps your skin look glowy and so on. Here what I do with coconut oil.

- I use it on a wand to keep my eyebrows in place and it helps nourish them too
- I use it on a wand to coat my eyelashes with as it helps it look more fuller and in place, be careful as it is oil so don’t rub your eyes a lot
- I use it on my cheekbones and cupids bow to give a glow
- I also use it as a hair mask to hydrate my hair and rinse it off with warm water, so it doesn’t get clumpy.

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Rose water is a good ingredient to hydrate your skin wherever you are and I just pour the rose water into a spray bottle and spray it over my face to give it the care it needs when I feel like my sin is starting to get dry and look dull.

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Yes, I pulled the cliché line and a lot of you are probably hating me right now and are ready to leave this article but this so important and it doesn’t only help your skin, it also helps your body and your lifestyle in general. So, make sure you are eating healthy and drink a lot of water as they do miracles for your skin.

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Fruit smoothies generally help your skin of all the vitamins they are packed with, but green smoothies are the most important as they contain a lot of Vitamin C which will heal your skin. So I have a smoothie which will help your skin and body

- A kiwi
- Handful of spinach
- Half an avocado
- Handful of kale
- Coconut water, I prefer lemon water instead as I'm not a big fan of coconut water
- And any fruits of your choice, but if you want an extra boost then look for fruits high in Vitamin C

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That’s it for my article, I hope you enjoyed and liked my tips. I do these tips on a regular basis and its helped me out so much. Feel free to message me if you have any more questions or just want to talk.

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