Welcome to my account and this is me!

My Style:

style, yellow, and clothes image quality and girl image peach, fjallraven, and konken image aesthetics, fashion, and summer image

My favourite color:

blue, case, and iphone image blue, hair, and light image nike, shoes, and blue image blue and balloons image

My passions:

guitar, music, and art image aesthetic, gameboy, and game boy image camera, photography, and amelie image stationery, study, and bujo image

An animal:

Image by mathesis animal, alpaca, and funny image alpaca, school, and student image Animais and fofura image

My personality:

like, photography, and metro image quotes, girl, and emma watson image girl and best friends image be, white, and words image

My favourite food:

food, theme, and aesthetic image food, healthy, and japanese image burger, food, and healthy image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

My favourite shows:

friends, quotes, and rachel green image riverdale, lili reinhart, and betty cooper image tv show and new girl image Image removed

My dreams & goals:

travel, map, and world image love and couple image girl, hair, and jeans image dog, girl, and animal image

A book:

book, john green, and paper towns image

A movie:

the greatest showman, boy, and girl image the greatest showman image paper towns, movie, and john green image paper towns, quotes, and mystery image

Favourite Artists:

the chainsmokers, drew taggart, and alex pall image music video, sorry, and halsey image shawn mendes, boy, and Hot image imagine dragons image


Dream, quote, and art image quotes, trust, and sugar image quote, font, and text image girl, quotes, and feminism image

This article is inspired by @AlisonGutierrez so check her out and also participate in the challenge!