Hi guys!
So today I decided to do an article about my favorite apps for editing pictures!
I really enjoy editing and doing different things in my pictures!


cam, edit, and effect image vsco, filter, and instagram image vsco, filter, and instagram image filter, vsco, and instagram image

I simply love this APP, I love how professional and easy it is at the same time! I use my one as kind of my own Portfolio... I really like playing with the different possibilities!

My account is: vsco.co/analuteles

2) Lightroom CC

product photography, iphone photography, and photography classes image sunset, beautiful, and sky image diy, presets, and lightroom image etsy, light room, and retro image

So, this is the app that all those famous photographers and bloggers, use! They actually use the computer one (which is paid), but there are a lot of things that you can do with the app! I personally like to use this app to play with the colors in the picture, changing backgrounds and everything.

3) Afterlight

tumblr image tumblr, instagram, and vsco image aesthetic, filters, and holosexual image afterlight and afterlight filter image

This is a really good editing app, I like using it when I want to edit things like exposure, contrast, light and stuff...

4) Air brush

architecture, art, and building image girl, tumblr, and beauty image

AirBrush is an app just like Facetune, but for free! I generally use it because of the whitening tool, to clear walls and make the picture more aesthetic! It also has options like Smoothing and Removing blemishes and acne.

5) Picsart

art, cool, and girl image cd, aesthetic, and alternative image girl, fashion, and hair image app, editing, and overlay image

This is the craziest and the coolest of all the ones in the list! This is the app where Tumblr girls put overlays in their pictures, such as wings, crowns, quotes, etc!
I love doing collages and overlays in it!

Hope you liked it!
What about you, which are your favorite editing apps?