Hey, cuties!Until Valentine's Day, I will post Valentine related articles, so here is the first one of the series!I had to start with a lookbook, hope you like it!

❥ Look #1

casual, chic, and dress image
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Denim Jacket | Dress or Skirt | Sweater | Sneakers
It's the perfect girly outfit for a casual day!Since it's still kinda cold outside you can add a cute sweater over your dress!

❥ Look #2

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fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, girl, and style image red, dress, and fashion image fashion, shoes, and style image
Leather Jacket | Red Dress | Cardigan | Boots
I had to include a red dress, I know it's basic but it's a classic!Wear a big chunky cardigan over your jacket to stay warm!

❥ Look #3

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fashion, jeans, and style image fashion, flowers, and red image fashion, vans, and shoes image fashion, jeans, and style image
Coat | Red Sweater | Floral Jeans | Vans
Floral jeans will give your everyday outfit a bit more flair!Since it's Valentine's Day a red sweater is the best way to pair them!

❥ Look #4

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fashion, style, and outfit image fashion and reading image fashion, jeans, and shoes image fashion, style, and sweater image
Denim Jacket | Pink Sweater | Jeans | Red Boots
We can't forget about pink as well!I love the pink-red combo so I suggest wearing red boots or adding some cool red accessories to your look!

❥ Look #5

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fashion and girl image fashion, photography, and travel image fashion, girl, and mirror image Image by sündos
Blazer | Pants or Skirt | Blouse | Mules | Hoops
A girlboss doesn't stop working on Valentine's Day!So here is a cute look for your office!

I hope that you got some inspiration!I am thinking of doing another Valentine's lookbook but a more fancy/night out edition...would you like that?Let me know by sending me a message or a postcard!See ya soon xixixi ❤️

"All you need is love.But a little bit of chocolate now and then doesn't hurt." 🍫 💕
~Charles M.Schulz
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