And continually, continually let love in
and let love stay.

Single or not, you deserve to look your absolute best on the day dedicated to love. Remember, you do it for your own sake, not for anyone else. You are your own queen, so stop waiting for someone else to allow you to wear your crown.
❥ Look #1
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gold, necklace, and jewelry image Inspiring Image on We Heart It converse, shoes, and white image fashion, aesthetic, and style image
Coat | Dress or Skirt | Sweater | Gold Accessories | Sneakers
It's the perfect girly outfit for a casual day! Since it's still kinda cold outside you can add a cute sweater over your dress!
❥ Look #2
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Leather Jacket | Red Dress | Cardigan | Boots
I had to include a red dress, I know it's basic but it's a classic! Wear a big chunky cardigan over your jacket to stay warm!
❥ Look #3
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outfit, fashion, and red image fashion, jeans, and flowers image jeans, fashion, and style image vans, alternative, and black image
Puffer | Turtleneck | Red Sweater | Floral Jeans | Vans
Floral jeans will give your everyday outfit a bit more flair! Since it's Valentine's Day a red sweater is the best way to pair them!
❥ Look #4
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fashion, jeans, and inspiration image magazine and vogue image Image removed girl and style image
Denim on Denim | Pink Sweater | Red Accessories
We can't forget about pink as well! I love the pink-red combo so I suggest wearing red boots or adding some cool red accessories to your look!
❥ Look #5
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girl, fashion, and mirror image hair, gucci, and girl image Image by sündos aesthetic, chic, and fashion image
Blazer | Pants or Skirt | Blouse | Mules | Hoops
A girlboss doesn't stop working on Valentine's Day! So here is a cute look for your office!

That's it for today's article. I hope you got some inspiration! As always feel free to send me a message or a postcard. See ya soon xixixi ❤️

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