Hi beautiful people ! Hope you're doing great. Today, I wanted to share a bit of me with you guys, and I decided to do that under the form of a "If You Were A..." (started by @Nastasia_dreamer) ! Enjoy !

1. If you were a Shoe ?
2. If you were a Moment ?
3. I you were a Place ?
4. If you were a Feeling ?

converse, aesthetic, and grunge image harry potter, hermione granger, and ron weasley image coffee, brown, and theme image city, bed, and sky image
Converse / A hug / Vintage coffee shop / The feeling Blue

5. If you were a Song ?
6. If you were a Book ?
7. If you were a Season ?
8. If You were a View ?

Image by joji👽🚬 books, breakfast, and dragon image winter, snow, and city image travel, clouds, and airplane image
The Good Side by Troye Sivan / Eragon by Christopher Paolini / Winter / The view from a plane's window when you're just above the clouds

9. If you were Famous ?
10. If you were a Weather ?
11. If You were an Accessory ?
12. If you were a Clothing ?

fashion, dress, and classy image snow and winter image fashion, earrings, and hair image outfit, style, and fashion image
Fashion Designer / Snow in winter / Earrings / Mom Jeans

13. If you were a Drink ?
14. If you were a Color ?
15. If you were a Moment of the day?
16. If you were a Quote ?

coffee, sweater, and white image background and black image aesthetic, tan, and inspo image quotes, pink, and words image
Tea / Black / Waking up in the weekend / Be good to people for no reason

17. If you were an Element ?
18. If you were an Activity ?
19. If you were an Emotion ?
20. If you were an Object ?

flowers, water, and aesthetic image book, aesthetic, and notebook image quotes, excited, and life image chanel, fashion, and girl image
Water / Writing / Excitement / Magazine

21. If you were an Animal ?
22. If you were a Body Part ?
23. If you were a Date Night ?
24. If You were a TV Serie ?

wolf, snow, and animal image beauty, clavicle, and body image life, quotes, and rooftop image Image by Cami
Wolf / Clavicle / Rooftop' talk / Vampire Diaries

25. If you were a Fictional Character ?
26. If You were a Dessert ?
27. If you were a Flower ?
28. If you were a Scent ?

benedict cumberbatch, sherlock, and sherlock holmes image food, pancakes, and strawberry image flowers, pink, and rose image pink, bed, and pastel image
Sherlock Holmes / Pancakes / Peonies / Fresh bedsheets

29. If you were a Superhero ?
30. If you were a School Subject ?
31. If you were a Fabric ? (silk, velvet, denim, cotton etc...)
32. If you were a Flavor ?

tony stark, iron man, and robert downey jr image study, school, and college image fashion, style, and jeans image coffee, food, and drink image
Ironman / English / Denim / Coffee

33. If you were a part of Nature ?
34. If you were a Word ?
35. If you were a mythical creature?

mountains, nature, and photography image wanderlust image dragon, sky, and fantasy image
Lake surrounded by mountains & forest / Wanderlust / Dragon

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Love, always.