Hi! I saw this tag and I immediately decided to do it myself, because, well, I am just obsessed with reading.
Please note, the tag is not my own creation. I copied it and filled it with my own ideas.

A book with more than 400 pages:

"Outlander" by Diana Gabaldon

outlander image
This book was intense. Those 1000 pages flew by without noticing, suddenly I was finished and my heart was still pounding like crazy.

A book that has become a movie:

"The lord of the rings" by J. R. R. Tolkien

LOTR, quotes, and ring image
It is my favourite story and the only one, where I prefer the movie version because the movies are just amazing.

A book write by someone under 50:

"Throne of glass" by Sarah J. Maas

throne of glass image
She was 16 when she wrote the first book of the franchise. Incredible, right?

A book with characters that are not human:

"Vampire Academy" by Richelle Mead

book and vampire academy image
It's not one of my favourites, but I still enjoyed reading it. It was the only one I could think of right now, where none of the main characters is human.

A book published this year:

"A reaper at the gates" by Sabaa Tahir

beautiful, books, and maps image
It is not published yet, but I am looking forward to reading the third book of the series "An ember in the ashes".

A book by a female writer:

"The handmaid's tale" by Margaret Atwood

books, dystopia, and feminism image
Margaret Atwood is an inspiring person and feminist and her novel is both exciting and terrifying.

A book set in a different state of yours:

"Goddess of yesterday" by Caroline B. Cooney

girl, hair, and pretty image
The story takes place in Greece. It's unique and exciting.

The masterpiece of an author:

"Ranger's Apprentice" by John Flanagan

ranger's apprentice and oakleaf bearers image
Ranger's Apprentice is by far my favourite book series. I love everything about it.

A book by an author that you like but you haven't read yet:

"The mortal instruments" by Cassandra Clare

city of bones, the mortal instruments, and movie image
I read "The infernal devices" some time ago and loved it, but I never read the main story. But I really want to read it.

A book recommended by your friend:

"The Selection" by Kiera Cass

book, the selection, and kiera cass image
If my friend wouldn't have recommended reading it, I would never have. It doesn't look like a book I would like, but I did. The cover is way too girlish for me, but the story was exciting.

A book that has long been in your list of books to read:

"Wuthering heights" by Emily Bronte

books, emily bronte, and wuthering heights image
I've already read some classics, but Wuthering Heights is still on my list and I didn't have time for it yet. I wanted to read it because it is so often mentioned in other books.

A book choosed for its cover:

"Divergent" by Veronica Roth

book, divergent, and veronica roth image
I know, there are prettier covers, but actually my dad decided, haha. I had a coupon and had two books in my hands and couldn't decide. My dad said I should take Divergent, because its cover is more beautiful than the one of the other book. I did never regret it.

A biography or a memory:

"Into the wild" by Jon Krakauer

book and into the wild image
It actually was disturbing to find out how much I have in common with Christopher McCandless. Nevertheless, I enjoyed reading it.

A book that you can finish in one day:

"Percy Jackson" by Rick Riordan

love, percabeth, and couple image
The style is easy and amusing to read and the plot is exciting and funny and thrilling.

A book that is set in a place that you want to visit:

"A song of ice and fire" by G. R. R. Martin

book, series, and got image
I know, I know, the universe is dangerous and you are probably going to die. But I imagine the whole world; Winterfell, Dorne, Highgarden etc.; extremely beautiful. I am especially in love with the north and the "real" north, beyond the wall. And I would love to get on top of the wall. I imagine the view to be fantastic.

A book set in the future or in the past:

"The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins

hunger games, mockingjay, and the hunger games image
Again, one of my favourite books. It takes place in an imaginary future, but I pray this won't ever be for real, haha.

A book that has originally been written in a foreign language:

"Le guerre del mondo emerso" by Licia Troisi

dubhe and licia troisi image
It's originally italian which I don't speak or read, but I love the translated version. Unfortunately, it hasn't been translated to english, as much as I know.

A book that became a TV show:

"Wizard's first Rule" by Terry Goodkind

gang and legend of the seeker image
The TV show is called "Legend of the seeker" and it is the most fantastical fantasy story with wizards, magic, demons, quests, heroes and undying love.

A book started and never finished:

"Thirteen reasons why" by Jay Asher

book, jay asher, and 13 reasons why image
I started reading it long before it got popular, but I found the plot to be very boring and not at all my genre.

A book chosen without reading the plot before:

"Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Bronte

books, charlotte bronte, and jane eyre book image
I just bought it because I knew it was a classic and it was quoted or mentionned uncountable times in so many books I read, so I finally wanted to know why everybody was constantly talking about it.

A book that you never read because it's not your taste:

"50 shades of grey" by E. L. James

supernatural, Jensen Ackles, and misha collins image
I am sorry girls, but this book combines everything I hate. I don't like love stories, I don't like reading about sex all the time, I hate stories that take place in a non-fictional world in the same time, I hate complicated love stories and jealousy, etc. And, as a feminist, I absolutely HATE the way a lot of things are portrayed in 50 shades of grey. Just saying. And I know all this because my friends kind of persuaded me to watch the movie with them and because I started reading it, but I had to throw it away because I got so annoyed and angry.

A book where your favourite color is used for the title or the cover:

"Uglies" by Scott Westerfeld

book, uglies, and scott westerfeld image
My favourite colours are green, brown, autumn orange and bright golden yellow. The green on the cover of Uglies seems a good choice to me.

A classic:

"Anne of Green Gables" by Lucy Maud Montgomery

anne of green gables, series, and netflix series image
Anne is one of the cutest and most lovable characters of all children's books and everybody should have read her story.

A book series that you began but never finished:

"Red Queen" by Victoria Aveyard

book, red queen, and glass sword image
I was obsessed with the first book. I read the second and still liked it, but somehow suddenly I wasn't interested anymore. I never read the third book. Maybe because (SPOILER!) her brother Shade isn't there anymore and you generally lern way too little about him.

So, those were some of the millions of books I've already read in life. Maybe you found one that you'd like to try!
I am always looking forward to receiving postcards from you guys! If you like some of the books, feel free to text me and we can discuss the stories!

Love, Erynneth