hey guys! so, as you may know, I'm a huge moomoo. for those who have no clue what a moomoo is; well, a moomoo is a mamamoo stan. today I´ll be showing you what is so worth it on being a fan of this beautiful girls. I really hope you enjoy it!

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they are the cutest babies k bye


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have you ever seen such beauty

if there is something they don't know, it's the meaning of "not being perfect". I swear to god. I've been into them for years and I still get shook every time I look at them. they'll always get me thinking "are they even real people", because!!!!!!!

Living Memes

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yes they are the same girls I showed you in the previous topic

you may think "oh, they are so pretty and beautiful, I'm pretty sure they are so professional!" um helo we're talking about mamamoo! they are as crazy, silly and stupid as all of us. I swear. just watch their videos, you´ll laugh a lot.


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ok, but now seriously. they are SO talented. their live voice sounds exactly the same as their "studio voice". they are so good at singing, and dancing. even rapping. they are really good doing their thing. and they are so unique. check these videos:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEJFbnf6R4A - Yes I Am (Live)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hB6DMImQkdw - You're the best (live)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hB6DMImQkdw - Decalcomanie Dance Practice

They are unique!

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you'll never find a group like mamamoo, and I am not even kidding. they songs are so unique, and sound so good. I love it. I love their concepts and their personality, because they are so unique!!!

Powerful Lyrics

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what to say... their lyrics are truly powerful, for real. they talk about girl power, love, and more; and seriously, I can't imagine a better way of doing it.

This is just my taste, so don’t be too sensitive, my complex is nothing: slacks, shirts, loafers. With a classic style I express myself, my baby, You still try to take me down. Take off the blind -Yes I Am

BONUS: They love each other

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they are so cute omg I´m not even surprised

well, their friendship is really strong. they love each other more than anything else, and that´s all that matters in a group, specially a girl group. I love their connection so much, they are the cutest babies..


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and that was it. I have a lot of other things to tell about them, but this article would never end. now good luck on picking a bias. :) stay happy, stay hydratated, stay healthy. yours truly, ines ✧