We all know what it feels to be Sunday evening and still didn't do any task we had to. Here are a few tips to get sh*t even when you don't feel to do them.

1) Write down the tasks you have to do. It may sound stupid, but sometimes we feel really motivated but don't exactly know what we trully need to do.

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2) Try the Eisenhower Matrix. This is really simple : you just organize your tasks by order of their importance and urgency.

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3) Evaluate the time you'll need for each task and section them if necessary.

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4) Make it fun ! You can either give yourself a reward after completing a task (example : some food or a massage for biggest tasks) or do something funny or a activity you like between every piece of work.

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5) This tip mixes the first and the fourth one : you can write every task on a sheet of paper, cut them into little pieces, put them into a jar and also add some rewards (written on a sheet too).

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6) Eliminate every distraction. You can get them away (in anohter room for example).

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7) Pomodoro technique :focus for 25min, then pause, then another session of work, then 5 minutes again, and do it until your task is completed (if it's not too long).

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8) Find the time of the day (or the night, why not) when you are the most productive.

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9) Develop a routine. For example, every morning at 7 and until 8, I work for school / do the housework, ...

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10) Don't be a perfectionnist : done will always be better than perfect (but undone !).

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11) Ask yourself : "why should I do this ?". Remember the reason you do something is always a good way to stay motivated.

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12) Ask some help.

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13) Rethink about the process : sometimes, the motivation isn't the problem. Reconsider the way you do it.

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14) Learn some motivational and inspirational quotes or listen to a TED Talk.

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15) Turn your favorite music on.

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Hope it helps !
Xoxo :-)