Don't dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next. Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answer.

Let's be honest, Highschool is one of the hardest stages that you'll go through. Either because you'll be dealing with subjects that don't interest you, because of bullying or because it just seems impossible to learn everything. But in order to become better and to move forward we must succeed, and the first step to do that is to stay focused.

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1. Put your phone on airplane mode

Most schools allow you to have your phone with you during the day as long as you're not using it, but if we're being honest, all of us take it out of our pockets or bags to check our notifications, and that's when we loose focus. Just put your phone on airplane mode and glide through your day quietly. No notifications to worry about.

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2. Take notes

It doesn't matter if you don't understand the subject or if it doesn't make sense to you, because sooner or later it will, and when that moment comes you'll already have those notes to work with. Notes are the easiest way to stay focused on your lesson, as you have to write everything you can.

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3. Motivate yourself

Motivation is the first step to achieve all your goals, even in high school. There are easy ways to motivate yourself throughout the day; make your notes pretty, highlight everything on your textbook, make flashcards... write quotes for every subject of the day, ask yourself why you're working so hard and the answer will propably surprise you, just motivate yourself.

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4. Set yourself small goals

I know that the prospect of goals sounds like something long-terms, but for highschool there's nothing better than to set yourself small and daily goals. These are a lot easier to accomplish and really make you feel motivated. For example, one of my daily goals is to have understood everything at the end of the day, and If I haven't, I've got the change to message my teachers about it or some of my classmates.

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5. Keep your study space clean and tidy

When you're in class and everything is just scattered across the table, it's a lord harder to focus. I personally hate having a chaotic desk because it takes a lot more time to find the materials I need. Having a clean and tidy desk means that everything is in order and that you can easily move around, you have more space and are more confortable.

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6. Have snacks

Most teachers won't let you eat during their classes, but for those who do let you, here are some tips. Take with you small snacks that aren't really loud, go for some crackers or some nuts, but don't go overboard and bring a full meal. Teachers will always let you drink, so always have with you a water bottle (preferably fresh) or tea inside a thermo.

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So... that's it! I hope this article was helpful if you're someone like me who can't focus. Also, make sure to read my previous article and join my #teamelanin project!

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