Hey guys, here are my top 5 Netflix/ Amazon Prime series. You can dm me other series you recommend.

The Royals

eleanor, jasper, and otp image the royals, tom austen, and jasper frost image princess, the royals, and love image the royals image
Just bc of jasper and eleanor. They are soo perfect together. And because it´s the coolest royal family alive. Everyone I recommend this to found it perfect. So take a look. The 4th season will be up in march (in Germany), in GB or USA it´s earlier.

Where? Amazon Prime
My rate: 9,5 /10


riverdale, cole sprouse, and boy image cole sprouse, riverdale, and betty cooper image riverdale, camila mendes, and lili reinhart image riverdale, cole sprouse, and lili reinhart image
I think everyone knows it. Typical Teenager series. Season 1 was very good, Season 2 getting better if you keep on watching. The actors are really really good.

Where? Netflix
My rate: 7,5/10


reign, Queen, and dress image reign image reign, francis, and mary image reign, Lola, and greer image
Same as the royals about a royal family in France, but in like the 17th century or so. I still watch it now. It´s really really good. The actors are great, it´s like a mixture of game of thrones and the royals I think.

Where? Netflix, Amazon Prime (you have to pay extra money)
My rate: 8,5 /10

The Originals

baby, cool, and enemy image Image by Bianca Bia hope and The Originals image The Originals, klaus, and joseph morgan image
Sister Series to Vampire Diaries. I think it´s a little better than VD. If you don´t stop watching it you can´t get enough. Next Season is up in August (in Germany) I think, have to wait soo long:(. Annndd I really like Niklaus & Rebekah. Also I think you know the original vampire family from some episodes of VD, there they seem bad, but in The Originals you get to know them better and they are really great.

Where? Netflix, Amazon Prime (extra money to pay)
My rate: 8 /10

Game of thrones

game of thrones and season 8 image game of thrones, stark, and got image Image by b- sexy, game of thrones, and winter is coming image
Ok so... the question is: Why didn´t you watch it yet?? There is a reason why sooo many people recommend it! I laughed, cried, screamed, got angry. This series is everything. So please watch it and thank me later:). Last Season will be up in 2019. I can´t wait to watch it, but I don´t want it to end:(. Season 7 was sooo damn god and so sad also. But I think every season is so freaking great! Oh and 1 tip don´t starting to love one character too much, just when it is one out 5 main characters, the rest will die! No spoiler hehe just being honest.

Where? Amazon Prime (pay), buy DVD, on tv
My rate: 10/10

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Lots of love M.