Hi lovlies, it's been a while since my last post. I've been busy with school (as always) and haven't had wifi as well. This studying method is practically a must and you should be using it if you want to truly test your abilities.

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Know your exam board

This is basic and I'm pretty sure everyone should know the exam board that they'll be sitting but if you don't, find out from your teachers. Despite us generally learning the same thing, different exam boards have different styles and formats for setting their questions so get familiar with yours as soon as possible!

Practice them under timed conditions

Two thing important things you need to master when getting ready for exams are your speed and accuracy. Practicing past papers (under timed conditions) will give you a clue as to how you'll perform in the real exam. This way you can practice time allocation per question and how to answer them efficiently.

Make the mark scheme your best friend

For some subjects, there are key words that are always looked for when solving certain questions. If you are constantly solving and using the marking scheme you'll notice them and this will give you a little bonus because you'll know exactly what the examiners want.

Learn from your mistakes

Don't get discouraged from your failed questions, instead go over them until you fully understand it and are capable of getting it right the next time.

Practice makes perfect

If you want that A*/A grade you have to continually practice your past papers. Master them because believe it or not questions do get repeated and even if it's not always word-for-word it's generally in the same format and when you are consistently practicing past papers you'll know how to solve them.

be sure you've covered your syllabus because you won't be able to answer questions on topics you've never done before.

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