A friend once asked me "what do you see when you first meet a guy?" I said "i'd notice his height, then his hair, his eyes, his smile..."
He laughed and said "do you want to know what we notice when we first meet a girl?"
So naturally, like any other girl i was curious to know so i excitedly asked him to tell me.
He said "when we meet a girl for the first time our brains automatically shut down", he said" the first thing that we notice is her body, the shape of her butt, the width of her thighs, the size of her waist, and we will imagine her naked, that's the very first thing we ever do. If we liked what we saw then we'd move to the hair, the eyes, the smile and so on. After this If we were serious then we would measure her brain but if we were just looking for fun then we would settle with the hottie even if she's stupid."
And that's dear girls is how these idiot guys see us.