Hello, beautiful souls of WHI! 🌌
How have you been? ^_^

I've been thinking about something. As I mentioned in some previous articles, I truly want to support you and encourage you and... dunno.. just be there.
In my teenage years I was like this:

alice in wonderland, okay, and dark grunge image

Since I've been there and I managed to turn THAT into my magical life I'm living today, I want to light your way as well.

Help me help you!

🌌 Send me a message

You just have to send me a message answering a simple question: What topic interests you?

Maybe you need relationship advices, or ideas for books, maybe you love inspirational podcasts and you want more of that, perhaps you are struggling trying to find who you are, or how to survive highschool, maybe you don't have many friends and you really want that. Or it could be something completely different. Just let me know.

🌌 What you get in return for the message:

If you send me a message (as long or as short as you want), I'll give your profile a shout-out in the list below. I'll make sure to update the list every time someone sends a message.

Thank you for helping me change the world!


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