4th February 2018

Hey guys! Today's article is going to be on how to glow fast, preferably in a week so you can look bomb for a special event and so on. Disclaimer, I'm not trying to discourage anyone or telling people to change how they look because they look ugly. Everyone wants to look a bit better so these are tips to look extra pretty at certain events.


Exfoliating your skin is important as it helps your skin look more glowy and clear. You can use a store bought one or make one yourself. A DIY exfoliating mask is get a table spoon of coconut oil or olive oil and mix it with a tablespoon of sugar, I would recommend brown sugar as it will help act like an exfoliant.

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This will help your hair feel soft and make it look healthy, just rinse your hair with equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water and then after a couple of minutes apple your shampoo and conditioner. Not everyone uses the rinse before shampoo and conditioner some people do it afterwards, but I like to make sure you can’t smell the apple cider vinegar at all.

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Everyday try and drink a green smoothie filled with kale, spinach, some of your favourite fruits and flax or chia seeds. It is packed with nutrients and will help cleanse your body and make sure you get your daily intake of fruits and veggies.

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If you have pores and swollen skin a trick to counter that is to use an ice cube right after you wake up and gently run it over your skin. If you don’t have ice cubes or have ran out, place a stainless-steel spoon in the freezer the night before and use it to depuff your skin.

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Try and workout daily for a short amount of time as you are slowly toning your body or losing weight to look better in your outfit. Doing a 10-minute run outside or go on a cardio machine for 5 minutes is enough a day.

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Hair masks save my life and honestly make my hair look shiny and soft. You can use a store bought one, your conditioner or your favourite oil and leave it in for at least half an hour.

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I don’t know about you guys but in general my lips get dry and cracked and during winter its ten times worse, so I would suggest doing a scrub every night before you sleep and apply lip balm straight after. You can use a lip scrub from the shop or get brown sugar and mix a drop of olive oil and apply it to your lips. Use a new toothbrush to scrub your lips and get rid of the dead layer.

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This one helps your hair a lot and your hair will honestly thank you. Sleeping with braids leave you with effortless waves that are heatless and cause less split ends and breakage. You can do one or two braids depending on how you want your waves to look.

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That’s it for this article, I hope you enjoyed and heart this or message me if you want a part two.

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