My parents made it simple for me and my sister, we don't get pocket money but if we need money we just have to ask. That's all, my parents wants us to focus on our school and future. But because I don't want to ask all the time if I can get money, are are few and easy steps to save money.

Worth it?

Is is worth to buy stuff for a lot of money, some things are similar to those you already have at home and you don't need it anymore or you have luck and it's going to be on sale soon. I mostly wait for sale and so it's cheaper then the retail price.

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Want or Need?

Sometimes it's a simple question, do you want it or need it? Mostly it's wanting but what would you rather buy? For example, you got 1000€ and you have two choices, buy whatever you want or the driving license? I would always choose the driving license, because with that it's easier to get a job. Companies prefer flexible people and even if you don't have a car yet, they would give you the job so you can buy as soon as possible a car. (Side note, the driving license is far more expensive then 1000€ ,this was just an example.)

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Track & Back-Up

Know what you buy, keep track on what you are buying. Some things are just not necessary and some are. Keeping an eye on what you buy shows you how much you need monthly for specific things and so you can spare some money for the next months. You should always have some back-up money for unexpected events.

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Sometimes people ask for money, if you're not sure if they give you your money back, say no. Again, learn to say no. Even if those are your best friends, they would understand if you say no and you don't need a reason to say no. It can be hard but you will be happy that you didn't gave money to some people.

It's hard sometimes, but we need to fight against some demons. Mostly it's our own created demons.