Hello sunshine,
I decided to poste a "monday mood" - article every sunday evening, so that we can start in a good new week together. I hope it inspires you, and for me it feels good to talk about "what's going on in my life".

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Firts things first, this weekend I went shopping with my best friends and it was so much fun! I'm grateful for so incredible friends, but I should have learned some english for a test on wednesday.
What did you do this weekend?

So to start in a good new week I love to meditate! (If you want an article about meditation than please like this article, so that I know it.) Meditation brings me in the right mood and it helps my brain to concentrate and relax.

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What I also like to do, is to read some inspiring poems, sayings or Statements. They give me power to fight for what I want to reach! (What are your goals?)

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Last but not least some of my thoughts:
I have read a book called "Obsidian" and after that my friends and I talked about boys and love...
Do you have imaginations how your "perf boyfriend" should look or be? I have...-blue eyes-...now I'm totally uncertain! Is it bad to have those imaginations?! Do I have too high claims?!
Please write me If you have advices for me!

Love you! <3 See you on monday or tuesday...-F