Day 29. 5 favorite makeup items you love to use

I like makeup. Last years I have learned do my makeup good and I like to do it when I go to school, shopping, coffee or any where else.
At school I usually do only my eye makeup with natural colored lip gloss or lipstick. If its some special day, birthday, or any party where I go, then I like to do my makeup stronger with eyeliner, highlighter and red lips.
Makeup on point girls! :)

Here is my 5 favorite makeup I like to use

1. Lipstick
Normally I use natural colored matte lipstick or lip gloss at school.
At special days and special places I like to use red lipstick

mac, lipstick, and make up image mac, red, and lipstick image

If I have to rush and I don't have time for makeup I just put mascara and lip gloss and go. It's better than nothing :p

3. Eyeliner
I love do eyeliner but everytime I don't have time do it. But for special days and places I do it..that's sure!

makeup, eyebrows, and beauty image

4. Eye shadow
I like to use natural colored, matte and nude eye shadow everyday.
For special days I do stronger eye makeup

makeup, eye, and eyes image makeup, eyes, and beauty image Image by Queen Q makeup, beauty, and eyeliner image

5. Highlighter <3
No need to explain :)

makeup, beauty, and eyeliner image makeup, beauty, and make up image

I like to write about makeups and everything about beauty so stay tuned after this I could write something new for you :)