Hey beauties how are you on this beautiful day ?

this is my first article so please do not be angry with me.

i love this new feature and read articles every day so i thought so why do not i try it?

I did not know exactly what to write, so here are a few facts to get to know me first

1. my real name is actually katharina but i hate that name.
2. I live in Germany in a small quiet village
3. I love to read especially poems
4. I have two dogs and three cats .. I know a lot
5. my goal is to fly to america after my graduation and make an exchange
6. I'm 15 years old
7. I love sports and if it works I walk every day
8. I have a horse and I love her over everything
9. music is my life ! I listen to music all the time, even in school. My friends always ask themselves how much music can be heard
10. I do not have many friends but I'm proud of it. Better only 1-5 friends instead of 1000 wrong ones

Yeah, I hope you had fun reading. I'm sorry for my English, it's not the best, but I'm working on it. I would be glad if you might drop by and maybe hear more from me.
have a nice day