Giving this a go, why not? A simple getting to know myself and still am figuring out who I actually am and what I am good at :)


moon, night, and sky image white, lies, and light image sea, blue, and waves image flowers, sky, and pink image
Colors: Black and white are my faves. Ocean blue keeps me calm and my inner color is purple


girl, tumblr, and clothes image girl, hair, and style image chrissy costanza image style, kfashion, and korean image
Style: To be honest I have no taste in fashion but I normally wear something similar to these


against the current and chrissy costanza image sabrina carpenter image book, reading, and read image Image by Clairice98
Passion: Performing, Listening to music, Reading, Baking and Cooking


alternative, atc, and music image sabrina carpenter image aesthetic, delicious, and food image baking, cake, and berries image
Inspiration: Chrissy Costanza and Sabrina Carpenter (inspired me to love music and performing), food and art of plating (yes good food inspired me to cook and bake, giving me some creativity as well)


cupcake, chocolate, and food image adventure, melbourne, and photography image chrissy costanza image girl, travel, and hair image
Goals: Be a successful chef, Living in Melbourne, Performing on stage, Travel

And well that is all for this challenge