hi everybody, it's me again.
it's bin a little while since i wrote an article and that's because i didn't had much ideas to put in a article. but now i think that i have great idea !!

i loveee traveling, i mean who doesn't. seeing other places other worlds. it's amazing to discover it all with your own eyes.


i like seeing the older and tinier streets in italy or somewhere else, it just really gives my a look back to how it was, i think it's really cool those streets are still there.

travel, city, and venice image city, beauty, and clothes image

and if your in that kind of streets your gonna see this kind of cafes. and i like that also !!

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i'm also a person who really likes swimming, so a beautiful place like what you see on the photos makes me really happy ;))

beach, summer, and theme image indie, pool, and summer image

if i think of greece i think of, pretty warm beaches and cute white houses. and i know i'm not the only one ;))

Greece, place, and travel image Greece, greek island, and greek summer image

something if never done but really wanna do. just going in to the nature and seeing plants and animals if never seen. going on a real adventure !!

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well now you know my a little better ;))
see al of you next timeee !! xx

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