Hello sweeties, how are you? Today I feel much better, I rested, so now I feel charged and ready to write today's article.
Here we go!

14.Describe 5 strengths you have.

1. Well, I think one of my strengths is patience. I can say that I can stay calm and be able to bear enough to face difficulties without problems. When I am faced with something negative I always try to find at least three postive points of the situation, making them my strength to fight and move on.

2. Another of my strength is the family. Knowing that I have family affections and above all know that I'm not alone, it makes me feel stronger. I know that when I am faced with a problem, I never face it alone, but there is always my family ready to help me. They are able to give me so much postive force.

3. Another of my strength is love. I am a person who always seeks peace. I do not like quarrels, divisions ... When I am in front of them I try to be able to help to reconcile things or people. I am also very sensitive and affectionate so I can very easily get attached to a person. The fact of knowing how to love something or someone, regardless of what it is, I think it's a great strong point. I think it's a nice thing to appreciate everything and everyone, at the end when you love doing good to others and to yourself.

4. Another of my strength is the willpower. When I have to reach a goal, I load myself with willpower and I leave for my journey. Although I find difficulties along the way, I try not to give up and overcome them because I always try to remember what is most important to me, what is the priority. I think that the things we desire can be achieved with strength and constancy, with hope and a lot of willpower.

5. Another of my strength is the rebirth. It has already happened to me in the past to live a very drastic situation, a long period of difficulty and problems, so much so as to seem that there was no way forward. But thanks to my eloquent strengths and many other things I managed to be completely born again, to become another person. I have completely changed and that negative part of me is slowly fading.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the article and maybe there could be your inspiration. Meanwhile, I'll meet you tomorrow with the next article.