Well, first of all, I would like to say that I really love 5H's songs. I love how they harmonize, tha way they sing, and the lyrics of their songs, of course.
So, in this article I am going to list my favorite songs from them.

fifth harmony, ally brooke, and lauren jauregui image


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"Put your arms around me, baby put your arms around me, baby, and squeeze. Only you know how to save me"

-Don't say you love me

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"Don't say you miss me when you don't call. Don't say you're hurtin' without the scars. Don't promise me tonight without tomorrow, too. Don't say you love me unless you do"

-Who are you

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"Who are you today? Will you be the sun Or the pouring rain? Who are you tomorrow? Will you make me smile Or just bring me sorrow?"

-Que bailes conmigo hoy

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"Deja todo y ven, esta noche juntos vamos a volar. Volumen a cien. Prende el fuego, ahora vive y suéltalo"

-Gonna get better

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"I won't leave you for a money man. No matter what we go through. I'm not gonna leave you now oh, I know it's gon' get better"


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"Can't spend time in rewind, I'm sorry. Many times I remind myself, we've come way too far in our stories, oh to build these walls and to blind ourselves"

-Brave, honest and beautiful

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"Don't criticize yourself no more, you got a smile worth fighting for. Yeah, you got everything with your perfect porcelain Ain't no one compare to it..."

-No way

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"When I look in your eyes I see through to my soul. I know the core of you is good, you're my tarnished hero"


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"With hands that could save me, face that could break me, sort of in love with you. But I wouldn't say that to you"

-Lonely Night

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"If you got another chick on the side, bye-bye, bye-bye. You look everywhere but my eyes, bye-bye, bye-bye"


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"I can be hard to handle. Dance around the house with nothin' but the radio on. I can be such a scandal, runnin' at the mouth, then crying on the bathroom floor"

-Write on me

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"I could see a city sleep, I could see an ocean wave. Everything is changing and it's written on my face"

-Can you see

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"I've waited all my life to feel this feelin' that I feel right now. Open up your eyes and see the world is... Brighter now"