I’ve always dreamed
of living away
from every person and everything.
When I was younger,
I would lie in bed and wish
I could live
in the tree outside my window.
I told myself
I’d have glass walls and a rope ladder.
I could imagine myself
watching rain patter against the glass
and watching lighting
tear across the sky.
Oh, what a thrill that would be.
The older I’ve become,
the more I’ve wanted that.
The tree is long since gone,
but the dream isn’t.
I paint my dreams on a canvas,
to never forget
all the wishes that filled my mind.
that someday,
I’ll be able to sit there
under the crying sky,
and feel at peace
it’s where I belong.
I dream of being at home
simply under that sky.
I dream of living where I wish,
my mind enlarged by the beauty of it all
and the silence
of the mountain tops.