whenever you're sad, it's typical that the most common thing you hear is somebody asking you "what's wrong?"

while that's fine and dandy, it's always such a roadblock for me. because, simply, i don't know what's wrong, my friend. i wish with my entire heart that i did but alas, i draw a blank.

it's something that has bothered me since middle school and i have never known how to fix it. what i have learned however, is that maybe i don't really need to. it's not depression, it's nothing severe, it's just...there. like a huge black cloud following me every now and then, for small phases every year, only to disappear for a while, not to meet me again for a season or two.

now, i don't mean for the point of this article for me to just rant (although it is nice). this is for fellow sufferers of weird, mild, occasional sadness. it's okay pal, you're not alone or crazy. sometimes people like us just gotta push through it until we don't always have our brow furrowed or hate being around others. but even though it's not awful and we all say our problems could be worse, that doesn't mean it doesn't suck. so here's a small list of things that i have done and have seemed to help me feel a little better, even just a tad:

~ try to find a new or existing hobby to lose yourself in. i've recently taken up drawing and have started writing more (exhibit a) and it's very calming.

~ focus on bettering yourself more. try working out, studying, yoga, meditation, etc... self care is important and a nice bath can help more than you think. ask chandler bing.

~ read or listen to music. find a different person's story to get distracted in besides your own.

~ talk to people about it, if you're that kind of person. personally, when i'm in this slump, i hate being around people but not everyone is that way.

~ think, but don't overthink. it's important to have a grasp on what's going on in your mind, but not so much that you go insane. it's not fun.

that's all folks :) i hope anyone in this downhill bleh is feeling happier soon. feel free to message me and talk!