Dear friends,

I know I messed up and you guys will probably never forgive me but I just want to thank you.

Thank you for some amazing adventures, I wouldn't have experienced otherwise

Thank you for the memories, I'll always have

Thank you for being there for me, but the time I needed you the most

Thank you for supporting me, before the big day

Thank you for the funny moments, and jokes I'll never forget

Thank you for being so honest with me, even when I wasn't

I'm sorry I lied and ruined my friendship with you all. The support I was looking for and needed at the time was not given so I chose to drift away. Even now, 6 months later, you are all acting bitter and sour, I am hurt and need reassurance, but I am also ready to move on and find new friends,

New adventures,

New memories,

More support,

New jokes,

and no more lies on my behalf.

Once again I want to thank you all and I hope all the best for your future, I will always be here for you.

From your lying friend,
Lola xx