Failure and disappointment
Have been following me around
Quite a bit lately
Failure is like biting into an ice cream cone
It hurts
So bad
Even saying the word
The feeling lingers in your mouth and on your nerves
For longer than you would prefer
Eventually it does go away

Disappointment is a little different
Disappointment makes a nest inside of me
Disappointment is now living inside of me
You see
I’m not the only one who is disappointed in myself
Others are disappointed in me

No matter how much failure and disappointment i endure
It is hard for me
So very hard
I give up easily
Things like failure and disappointment make me feel like shit
But it’s okay

Actually it is okay
I’ll wait for the day
I can stop comparing myself to the ones who succeeded
When I failed

Like picking the petals of two flowers
Which one is prettier
Which one is stronger
Which one is better
Just know i’m not a fighter like you
Because this time envy has swallowed me whole
Unlike you
But this time
I promise
I will try harder