straightjacket, quinn xcii
destination, photography, and travel image Image by 'till death, we do art rain, hand, and photography image eyes, blue, and grunge image

"she's a psycho from a midwest suburb, no straightjacket could hold her, wild eyes, they would lure me in her trap, i go mad just to hold her"

let’s dance to joy division, the wombats
party, drunk, and boy image grunge, party, and quotes image alternative, grunge, and declan mckenna image Image by Destinee

"let's dance to joy division, and celebrate the irony, everything is going wrong, but we're so happy"

the sound, the 1975
flowers, pink, and nature image theme, rp, and dark image theme, thrasher, and feed image diamond, body, and theme image

"well I know when you're around 'cause i know the sound, i know the sound, of your heart"

new love, dua lipa
Inspiring Image on We Heart It purple, aesthetic, and plants image aesthetic, dark, and neon image purple, light, and aesthetic image

"and i've been through mountains and seas, tryna get you to come back to me"

my my my!, troye sivan
lingerie, beauty beautiful pretty, and boy couples couple image girl, black, and tumblr image boy, smoke, and grunge image Copyrighted image

"should be the last night ever, should be the last night we're apart, got my name on this treasure"

if i ever stray, frank turner
beach, blogger, and blue image summer, girl, and fashion image paris, city, and france image city, amsterdam, and travel image

"come on and join me in the water, swim for hope, sometimes it's hard to remember, i couldn't do this on my own"

fior di latte, pheonix
lips, pink, and glitter image aesthetic, pale, and grunge image kill and me image aesthetic, blue, and bath bomb image

"fior di latte, fior di latte, throw your weight around behind me, fior di latte, fior di latte, don't think about it, trigger me happy"