• flaws and all
'you see potential in all my flaws, and that's exactly what I need'
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  • I was here
'the hearts I have touched, will be the proof that I leave, that I made a difference'
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  • sweet dreams (acoustic version)
'you can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare, either way I, don't wanna wake up from you'
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  • heaven
'heaven couldn't wait for you, so go on, go home'
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  • scared of lonely
'I'm scared the only heartbeat I hear beating is my own'
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  • schoolin' life
'who needs a degree when you're schoolin' life'
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  • pretty hurts
'perfection is a disease of a nation'
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  • smash into you
'I’m soaked in your love, and love was right in my path, in my grasp'
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  • why don't you love me?
'why don't you love me when I make me so damn easy to love?'
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  • save the hero
'Who's there to save the girl after she saves the world?'
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