Hello guys, before we get into anything I want to say this. I have been very very busy with school and I’ve been sick, so this hasn’t been a daily thing but I will be getting back on track and trying to do this everyday.

Anyway today’s topic is a play on a classic song from the Sound of Music, My Favorite Things. It’s kind of a rendition of day 1, which was facts, but more specific.

1). Art

Let me just say this...I can’t draw or paint for the life of me, but I do appreciate a good art piece. Some of my favorites are Van Gogh, Claude Monet, and Margaret Keane.

book, art, and van gogh image art, van gogh, and painting image beautiful, night, and art image Image removed
so so so pretty

2). True Crime

Now, obviously crime isn't my favorite thing but rather studying it. I am nothing like those on tumblr that like to romanticize these horrible people. My speech therapist knew a victim of a serial killer so I am very much against loving them. I am just very much interested in serial killers and unsolved mysteries. I know so much about them and watch/read a thousand things on them. When I get into college I'm like 99% sure I'm majoring in criminology. ALSO if you're into learning about serial killers watch Mindhunter, it's amazing.

black dahlia, murder, and horrible image serial killers image serial killer, true crime, and ted bundy image Image by ɐǝɥʇoɹop
top left- Black Dahlia(victim), top right- Jeffrey Dahmer, bottom left Ted Bundy, bottom right- Richard Ramirez.

3). Poetry

Poetry is honestly so beautiful and so helpful when you're going through stuff. When I was going through a stuff "break-up" I read Whiskey Words and a Shovel and Flux. They both helped me so much and reading poetry just makes me happy. I love reading sexual ones on my free time.

art, poetry, and sexual image art, writing, and beautiful image art, beauty, and writing image
some of my favs from Whiskey Words and a Shovel.

4). Skincare

I really don't care much for makeup but BOY do i love myself some skincare products. I've never really gotten much acne but I still use the sha-bang thing, cleansers, toners, moisturizes, and masks. I have to buy the organic expensive shit as I'm allergic to 99% of things. I didn't feel like finding or taking pictures of my stuff but if you want a skincare routine just message me :).

5). Guys with curly hair

Dude...I love me some curly headed boys. This is an article of my favorite things...so I had to add this. Just imagine running your hands through their hair and how soft it would be. I don't know what it is but as soon as I seem those curls its like I want to get to know them and stuff. That made no sense but moral of the story get you a guy with curly hair.

Image by Peter_Pan the 100 and bob morley image aesthetic, attractive, and boys image attractive, boys, and fine image
I'm...in love with those two on the bottom shIT.

5). 80s/90s babies

Like I've stated 234567876 times, I love older things(men honestly). I especially love actors from the 80s and 90s and let me just say they make me extremely happy.

river phoenix image 80s and actor image jared leto and 90s image Image removed
rip River and Corey

I wanted to do music, movies, and others but I'll be talking about them in the future so why spoil.

Also shoutout to for being my source for the last article also. Honestly might just go to their account whenever I need pictures.

Thank you for reading and if you ever have questions or want to talk just message me, I'm nice I swear.

xoxo, Billie