Seated on the floor of your bathroom. Wondering if you're even born for a reason. Thinking about the problems you're living. Thinking about how many times you've been hurt. You can hear you laughing when you were younger. You can also hear your brothers and your grandma laughing upstairs while you're downstairs crying on your own and wondering if you should stay alive or rather not exist anymore. You take a look at everywhere around you and then get up. Look at yourself in the mirror. You can hear those voices in your head telling you: die! you don't deserve to be here anymore! you're just like your parents! bitch! ugly! stupid! And it's at this last moment you realized that it's now time to leave. But right before, you take a paper and a pencil and start to write something for your family,friends and enemies.

'' Dear people, now you all know i'm not here anymore. Some of you wished that. If i'm writing this, it's because I wanted to tell you one last thing and say my goodbye's to the people who tried to support me and tried to prevent me of doing what I just did. First of all, the enemies. Thank you. Because of you I realized that I didn't deserve my place here anymore. Why was I still alive if I weren't happy. So thank you but I hope that because of you guys, a lot of people will realize that they all have their place in this world. If you're born, it's because you deserve your place. Don't let anyone bring you down. Be strong and successful. Live your life until it end by its own. You're stronger than you think and everyone is beautiful,succesful,amazing,intelligent. And now to my friends. Dear friends, by friends I mean real friends. I want to thank you all for supporting me in all my dark moments. You knew who I was and now that i'm gone, I wish you the best luck in your life. You are amazing. I had the best moments because of you but it was time for me to go. Doesn't mean I let you down, I will always be right beside you and hope i'll always be in your heart. Now, I can't be hurt because i'm up there looking at you being successful in life. Even if i'm not here anymore you're in my heart and i will always love you. You can't see me but i'm right beside you. I'm so thankful for everything. Stay strong and don't worry about me. Love you. And now to the most important people in my life, my family. Mom even if you never raised me just know that I always loved you. I wish I could've seen the real you. I know that inside of you there's someone very attractive and beautiful. Just know that. I was in so much pain because of you. If you knew how many times I've ben hurt because of you.. Doesn't mean it's all because of you but if only drugs wouldn't hide you away and you would've believe me when I told you about those people who hurted you and us. I hope you realize that what you're doing is bad for you. Please stop before someone else do the same thing I did. bye ma xxx. Hey lil bro. Please don't cry cause I will always be there in your heart. I'll keep an eye on you forever but promise me to take care of grandma and our little brother Damien. Tristan you need to know that you're an amazing little boy. Don't ever do the same thing as me cause you'll regret it. Be happy and know that i'm happy now. Love you with all my heart and will always. Hey Damien, just know that i'm in the sky right now. Damien promise me to always be that amazing,smart and happy little boy. I wish I could've been there to wipe your tears but now you're a big boy. You can do it by your own. You'll have to get used to it cause I won't be back but I promise to always be right beside you and will always be in your heart. Stay strong boo love you so much. take care xxx. Now, father... for the first time in my whole life, I called you ''father''... but it's also the last time. I lived some amazing things even if you weren't there but those amazing things had to end cause they we're getting darker and harder everyday. I'm not here anymore but I think it's not that hard for you cause I was never there with you. If only you cared.Goodbye. Hey big sisi! You we're the only one who really knew what I was going trough cause you lived the same thing but you got trough it. But I wasn't strong enough. You are and will always be strong. You're amazing and so so so so beautiful. I love you and forever. I will always be there even if you can't see me. Hope you'll keep a place in your heart for me. Wish you the best of the best luck in life. Be happy and stay strong like you always did. Now to the person i'm the most thankful for every single things she did to me. She raised me and did my mom's job. Even when she was sick, she took her time to take care of us. It's my grandma's turn. Mom, i wanna thank you for everything. I loved you and will always love you so much. You're place in my heart will never change. I'm just above you taking care cause i will always protect you. You can't see me but i can. I know how hard it is to lose someone you love but you didn't lost me. I'm still your ''daughter'' forever and ever. Promise me to always stay strong and happy forever. To always take care of everyone like you always did and to always take time for you cause you deserve it. i love you with all my heart. Remember, i'm always there even if you can't see me. And i am thankful for a lot of other person. I love you all so much and please, all be happy. I wanna see you guys smiling and having a great time. -marika xxx''

So now that the letter is written, you take another look around you and start to cut yourself in your bath without any pain,just the one who the people did to you. All the blood is dispersed in the bath. Water flowing to the floor. Closing your eyes slowly seeing your happiest moments and hearing your laughs and family's laugh... And it's how your life end.. A couple of hours later, your mom ( grandma ) come downstairs and knock at the bathroom's door. No one answer. She decide to come in and start screaming and crying.Your 2 brothers come downstairs. Your 8 years old brother start crying and screaming and asking for you to wake up while your 12 years old brother is crying on the floor and can't believe you're gone forever. They were all traumatized. Your grandma reads the letter still crying and she decided to keep it. That day destroyed a lot of people's life. Even tho you thought nobody cared about you, well wrong. Your death destroyed a lot of people's life. Your 12 years old brother started drugs a few month after because he was depressed and destroyed and your grandma died a few month later because her pain was to awful. Your sister killed herself because since you were gone, things were getting harder. You thought killing yourself would've simplify people's life but as you can see now, it killed a lot of people. But people are left with good memories and are proud that they had you in their life. Killing yourself was something you took as a reasoning but in the end of everything, you can see that a lot of people cared about you.

Hey everyone, this was a quick story of mine but of course I didn't kill myself. If I wrote this it's because I wanted to make you guys realized something really important for a lot of people. If you are thinking about suicide, think really carefully before doing something you'll regret. Of course, you're doing this because you think you don't deserve to be on earth but if you are born it's because there's something in you that could change something in this whole world. Doesn't matter how far it is. What matters is that we are all born different. No matter who it is, you'll always be judge by someone but just think about that. Ask this person if she's hated by someone. Of course she'll say no but actually, you don't like her uh. We are all different and have all our difficulties in life but if you wanna go trough them, you have to walk on it and always aim your goal in life. What I am trying to say is that there's always someone who really care's about you and will always. It's hard to loose someone. Just imagine one of your closest friend.Waking up your find out that he was found hanged in his room. Of course you'll be sad and cry and scream like you never did. You'll be destroyed and traumatized for the rest of your life cause you lost someone who cared about. Your life will be different. I know how it is because I lost my best friend about 3 or 4 months ago. Well if this happens to you, your family will feel the same way as you would've if it was one of your family member or friends. If you need help talk to someone who you think can help you. Just find another way cause later in your life, you'll be proud of what you accomplish. You'll be happy for being alive. Hardest moments are the one who makes us more successful in life and strongest. You guys are all amazing,pretty,intelligent,etc no matter who or how you are. You are a human different from another one. That's wonderful cause everyone is one of a kind. You are ALL amazing and beautiful. If someone tells you the opposite, i'm here to tell you you're beautiful and I love you. Everyone is equal and all amazing. We are just different. Leave the hate behind you. Stay positive cause there's always someone no matter if you know or not that cares about you. We are born for a good reason. Let your life end by it self. I love you all so much. If you ever need to talk about something i'm here for you guys or talk to someone you trust. Hope you all enjoyed and I hope it helped you i'm sorry if it was bad it's my first article. Remember, think before doing something you might regret and will hurt a lot of people even if you think it won't.


Hope you enjoyed sorry again if it's bad it's my first article.


I love you all and stay strong. I know you can.