It’s totally okay, I am passionate for food too, in fact I eat eggos like ELEVEN times a day, lmao. Honestly, I’m not even kidding.

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i'm so pleased by the whole food/drink/restaurant aesthetics

I’m sure “eating healthy” is part of most people’s resolutions and yeah, I know we just finished January but it’s never too late to talk about new year’s resolutions, after all, they should be done the whole year, am I right?

So here are some tips that personally helped me to have a healthier lifestyle (and loosing weight;)).

Don't starve, EAT
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yeah, eat. it's okay if you want to eat chips, or a hot dog, maybe two! it doesn’t matter if you have the craving! if you want to lose weight for one reason or another, skipping meals is not the right thing to do. The answer is too eat, the only thing you should make sure of is to keep it balanced.
Pick one day to eat everything you want to
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This is the golden trick I have for you guys. Choose a day, let's say it's a Tuesday and oops you accidentally ate excessively, it's totally okay don't worry! But the rest of the week try to stay in your lane and keep eating healthy. This is what i call this the “crave it! day” tecnique, I don’t know I just thought it would be cool to name it, lol.
Keep a food diary
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write it down, or however works for you, the point is to list down everything you consume each day, and by that i don't mean the calories. this personally helped me to realize that I somehow overrated junk food/deserts, yeah they're delicious but they're not a big deal! It also helps to keep your diet constant, to make yourself conscious of what you're eating, the food your lacking of, bad habits you’re having... etc.
Taste the food
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The less you taste the food, more dishes you'll want to repeat. Just taste it, chew it, and enjoy the flavors, don’t let anything distract you, it’s all about you and what’s on your plate ;).
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