This is a brief overview of a few of my favourite decor themes!!

Modern: Modern is a style composed of clean, sharp lines, with a refined, simple colour palette and a distinct lack of clutter.

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Bohemian: Bohemian styling includes vintage furniture, patterned textures, globally inspired art and widely sourced accessories.

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Traditional: Traditional themed homes tend to lean towards dark woods, rich colour palettes, curved lines and an abundance of mixed textured accessories.

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Chic: Chic styles fit somewhere in-between traditional and bohemian. It combines the variability and vintage essence of bohemian, with the accessory abundance and curvy style of traditional. Chic normally leans towards pastel colour palettes with assisting colours such as white/grey/wood.

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Rustic: Rustic styling is centered around natural sources of inspiration. Plants and wooden furniture are commonplace, in rooms with an abundance of natural light. It tends to have an antique feel, with many rustic homes using reclaimed wooden floors and vaulted ceilings adorned with wooden beams.

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