Being A Girl.

“Beauty standards are the rules of life. Women have to be appealing, they have to look attractive. Women are the most beautiful creatures, but women must enhance their beauty. They must take care of themselves. They must have a clear skin and gorgeous hair, because hair is half of their beauty. Women should be independent, they shouldn’t be afraid to show their naked body, because in reward they get the entire attention they crave for. Makeup is art, fashion is art, and they do what they do because they want to do it. No one forces them to do anything. A woman should be smart and find a husband that is smarter. Marrying a rich guy is the ultimate life solution, because women cannot work and create a family at the same time. They have to take care of the children, take care of the house, and take care of the needs of a husband that behaves like a child. That’s the role of women in life. Women cannot have high positions in their work, because they are not capable handling all that.”

That’s what every single girl is indirectly taught, from the moment she is capable to walk. Little by little, they are convinced that one day “they will get married and they have to know how to behave”. So, it goes without thinking that they should achieve those standards and get as good as they can to get the richest man.
The road to success and fame is showing their ass inside a frame. Hands down, the technique is very smart. Convince girls that their outside appearance is of the highest value, and give them reasons to justify this as true.

Girls cover their own face on a mask of makeup, while being afraid to show their bare skin. Justification taught: Girls do whatever they want; makeup is art; girls put makeup for themselves, that’s certain.

Girls promote their body on IG feed. Justification taught: They are independent, they can do what they want. It’s their body, what they do is not wrong, so who am I to break this thought?

Girls quit educating themselves. Justification taught: They will get married, so their life will be everything they thought. A love story and a man, there’s no need for another life plan.

The list goes on and on, while girls are still being brainwashed. What they fail to realize is that they have become objects of the men they want. They have become objects to satisfy the entire society, thinking that that is who they are meant to be.

To all the girls with this state of mind, all I have to say is open your eyes and don’t live blind. You have one life to live, so don’t waste it pleasing anyone. Go through your own way, even if it means being alone. You don’t have to follow their rules. You have to grow up and not be blinded by those jewels. Don’t be fooled by the expensive gifts, of the man that one day won’t care you exist. Don’t create your life depending on someone else, when you are capable of creating your life by yourself. Women are capable of much more than you believe, just wait and see what I’ll achieve.

Being a woman in such a toxic society, it’s not easy but there’s a solution: that’s individuality. Grow up and get to know yourself, don’t be afraid of anyone else. Be unique, just like we are all meant to be. Don’t be a copy of another brainwashed woman of this society.

And to every person undervaluing the capabilities of a woman, either grow up or Fuck off and don’t spread your vacancy.


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