Life isn't always easy. Sometimes it seems like the only way to start over again is by running off to another country (thanks to cliches) but anyways, how does one restart their life?

@Whispiral is here with Tips on How to Restart for those who just need a fresh new start.

1. Eat Healthier

Restarting your life doesn't necessarily need to start with running away. It starts from inside. And quite literally by the fact.

So you can start by eating healthier, this will take you closer to the mindset on openness and clarity. Try laying off pizzas and burgers for a while and substitute with smoothies and veggies.

2. Change your wardrobe

Eating healthy will reflect towards your mental wellness. On the other side, changing your wardrobe carries a similar effect. Don't dress up like a punk and roam the streets thinking you're Bella Hidid in jeggings.

I'm saying try buying new clothing and getting rid of clothing you aren't going to wear again. This will help regain your confidence that your life is indeed not miserable.

3. A vac-cay

aka a vacation. To help you excape temorarilty from your life back home. Dont extend your "vacation" to 50 years. This vacation should be relaxing and should only be for a few weeks or a month.

The idea of the vacation is to help relax you and help you mentally, physically and emotionally.

4. Friends

Try connecting to either old friends or new friends. Friends can family can help you find who you are and help you uncover a lost piece of yourself.

5. Acceptance

As i may not know why you want restart your life, whether from failure, heartbreak or a fall, accept what has happened. Acceptance can bring peace into your life and lift a rock off your shoulders.

Do whatever it takes to make you happy as long as nobody is dying or anything. If you must, go start anew in a new city or country. Just remember to always love and motivate people!

Restarting your life simply means *finding definition to living*

I hope you take back control of your life and realize that life is worth living.

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